For Galas, Reception rooms, Weddings, Hotels, Restaurants, Car Dealerships, Shops, Private residences, Funeral homes, Churches, Mosques, Nightclubs, Bars and any other valet / rental needs, we got you covered!

Valet parking

Add a Unique Touch To Take Good Care of Your Guests in All Events!

Valet parking service

Our long-time experienced team will get together to give your guests an unparalleled quality service. Our dedicated staff, our quick & advanced ticket system, and our professionalism will ensure to offer the best valet service in the whole province. Our 150 trained and suited up drivers all posses a 4B class license. Our technological ticket system will allow you to ask for your car easily with your smartphone. 

For all your recurring or punctual events, trust our team to adapt our service to your guest’s convenience.

Our Valet Parking Service

We are fully aware that your costumers don’t want to wait fifteen minutes to recover their vehicle when they are ready to leave. Trust our quick ticket system to make your guests leave or meet them with a smile in all types of events: Galas, Reception rooms, Weddings, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Private residences, Funeral homes, Churches, Mosques, Nightclubs, Bars and several other events.

Dynamic, mature and professional staff

World class uniforms (jacket and bowtie)

Complete insurance plan included (5 000 000$)

Quick and easy technological ticket system

Corporate valet service (restaurant, golf and more)

Our hiring standards are very high, and we respect them. From the moment a valet is hired, we provide him with professional training for him to be able to drive any type of vehicle. A costumer’s service formation is also offered so you and your guests can get the quality service you’re expecting.


Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT do we provide for events?

Our customer approach is our main priority. Our well-groomed and well-dressed team of drivers are trained to give your guests the best experience. If you need us to unroll the red carpet, make an alley with gold posts or any other need for your events, we got it covered!

How does the ticket system work?

Our technological QR code ticket system works like a charm on smartphones. The guest will fill a quick form on his phone and will be attributed to a QR code. He can then redeem his QR code a couple of minutes in advance in order to get his car at a perfect timing.

Are our guest’s properly protected?

All of our drivers possess a class 4B driver license. In every event, your guest’s belongings are covered up to 5 000 000$ in responsibility.

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