We are fully aware that your costumers don’t want to wait fifteen minutes to recover their vehicle when they are ready to leave. That’s why we have created a special page reserved for you event for your costumers to ‘’order’’ their car so it’s ready when they want to leave. It allows each costumer to get their vehicle at their desired time.

Our Valets

Our Unique Team

Our hiring standards are very high and we fancy to respect them. From the moment a valet is hired, we provide him a professional training for the valet to be able to drive any type of vehicle. A costumer’s service formation is also offered so you and your guests can get the quality service you’re expecting.

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Dynamic and Professional

At Valet Prestige, all the valets are at least 23 years old. We expect them to be in a good physical condition in order to provide a fast service in the case that their car would be in a distant parking lot.

Our image is what we value the most, that is why our hiring standards are high (and will always be!).


All our valets’ uniforms include a white shirt, black pants, a black jacket and a black bow tie. However, we give you the opportunity to choose the uniform worn by our valet(s) before your event. As an example, if you want our team to be dressed as your hotel’s employees, it is not a problem for us.

A Unique System

Quick system

A page for your guests will be created especially for you. They can easily access this special page by scanning a QR code or, even more simple, by entering the special URL of the page, which will be provided to you the day of the event. These easy steps will be available to anyone that uses our service.

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We have the most comprehensive insurance available to make sure that all your costumers’ cars are safe. With an insurance like that, you can leave us your vehicle, peace minded.

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